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Nathaniel J. Scramling, A.K.A. "Primogenitor34", or simply "Primo", is an avid illustrator and graphic designer based out of the wonderful world of Cleveland, Ohio. He is a graduate of the class of 2013 from Virginia Marti College of Art & Design (now North Coast College), with an Associate's in Graphic Design.

Primo was able to develop a love for drawing at a very young age and soon committed his entire life to the craft. Thanks to daily practice, a steeled devotion, and a deal with the Devil to trade his soul for godly artistic talent, it soon paid off.


He currently draws characters and other concepts for a story that he's been developing over the years with the hopes of turning it into a video game, among other projects, including a graphic novel.

In the meantime, freelance commission work preoccupies his time... one of Primo's greatest jobs as of lately was in working with highly successful voice actress Lauren Landa, whose commissions can be found in his gallery now.

He does freelance work as a graphic designer, collaborating mostly with content creators on Twitch and YouTube, and for a time, working with the esports group, "Team Liquid", as a volunteer editor.


He was also able to acquire an internship for a short time at Go Media, a design cult based out of Cleveland, Ohio, where he assisted with their apparel mockup program, "Mockup Everything", volunteered at their annual creative festival, the "Weapons of Mass Creation" and, with the help of its President, William Beachy, created his logo, which he still proudly brandishes to this day.

Primo attends conventions on a semi-regular basis, at least before a plague was ever an issue, selling prints and other merch, as well as promoting his story and concept art in the hopes of raising interest in it. And yes, he also cosplays.

When he's not drawing, Primo is most likely playing FPS games, sorting through his vast collection of art books, drowning in mead, watching anime, or enjoying the soothing sounds of artists like Ozzy Osbourne, W.A.S.P., or Megadeth...

I always have my e-mails open. When I'm not sorting through my many spellbooks, I make time to read through them daily! Whether you wish to know what new projects I'm working on, where my next convention is, or what I had for lunch today, I will answer your questions as best as I can!

You did it! Great work!

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