Shounen Anime Stickers
  • Characters from the ever-popular Shounen genre of anime, including characters from such shows as Gurren Lagann, Claymore, InuYasha, and My Hero Academia. Get yourself the entire set or just your favorite(s)!


    Please be sure to list which characters you want if ordering a set!

    Shounen Anime Stickers

    • 3.5" high paper stickers; height measured from top of head to feet.

      Digital art drawn with pen and ink, scanned, then vectored in Adobe Illustrator CS6*. Stickers created by printing to glossy photo paper, hand-cut, then laminated with adhesive via Xyron Creative Station. Adhesive is repositionable, allowing you to move the stickers around whenever you want. Not waterproof.

      *Colors may vary slightly depending on monitor settings.


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